Final Music Video

Monday, 13 October 2014

16. Attracting My Perfect Audience Member

In order to attract my perfect audience member, I am going to play to what I know they want from my research. I will use the editing to put a strong emphasis on the beat, as well as have movement in the shots themselves that is concordant with the beat of the music. I will appeal to male viewers by using female dancers and while they will dance tastefully, they will have a certain alluring air. People are getting tired of the 'in-your-face' nature of many music videos nowadays, especially those that focus on 'booties' etc.

The dancing in my video will impress those that watch it, especially since I will have two people who are teenagers as the dancers, inspiring them to be like the dancers. The focus on lighting and the colours black and gold in my video will make it gripping to watch as the lights should look magical.
While this song is quite jazzy in some ways, it is still a dance-pop song that featured in the charts and therefore it has a mainstream audience.

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