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Monday, 13 October 2014

15. Perfect Audience Member

My perfect audience member would fall under either the Mainstream Townie category or the Urban Stylers.



My perfect audience member would be your typical young adult. A person who likes going out dancing with their friends at the weekend and are pretty stylish in their approach to life. They like songs with a heavy emphasis on the beat but don't just want a song that has no meaning except to allow you to shake your butt and dance provocatively! When watching a music video, they want something passionate and intense but still classy and easy to watch. 

When my perfect audience member goes out, they go to restaurants like Pizza Express and Zizi's or out for sushi or Starbuck's if they are feeling more casual. They shop in Zara and River Island, use Apple and Beats products and enjoy dressing up to out for the night. When they hear a good song, they all start dancing. 

In day-to-day life and then when they go out, they dress like this: 

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