Final Music Video

Friday, 10 October 2014

13. Mood Board

My video is going to have a central focus on lights and the dancers. My video will have a very definite colour palate of black and gold with small bits of white (eg. shirts etc.). The style is very classy as I feel that the combination of black and gold has connotations of wealth and luxury, hence the tailcoats, waistcoats and ball gowns. However, the song has a jazzy aspect to it with its tempo and strong beat and therefore i have put up images of gold fringe dresses that will catch the light and move with the dancer. I felt it was important to have dancers because the dance-pop genre tends to have dancers in their music videos and as they have strongly emphasised beats they come across as being provocative and sultry. As well as my main dancers and backing dancers, I want to have a person lip syncing, either into a mic with a focused light or backlight or in various locations. The singer is male and in order to attract a male audience to the video, I will have female backing dancers and while they will not be 'scantily clad', they will look attractive, as will the leader female dancer. The male dancer should also look sharp to attract a female audience, similarly the male singer.

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