Final Music Video

Monday, 24 November 2014

24. Cast Choices

I have chosen Niya Clement- Hickson as my lip-syncer as I know he can express himself well while singing, understands how to perform and song and has a strong presence on stage. I know that Sam Sparro is white, however, he is often mistaken for being black because his voice is so rich. Therefore, I have decided to chose a personality that would suit the song rather than focus on being specific in these details.

For my Black and Gold dancers, I have chosen Aaron Simmonds to be 'Black' and Kelly Martin to be 'Gold'. They are both amazing dancers, with Aaron being a professional ballroom dancer and Kelly being a very experienced and talented ballet dancer. Kelly is blonde, further developing the whole 'Gold' personna and Aaron has dark drown hair.

Finally, for my four dream dancers, I have chosen four girls who are excellent dancers. They are Lizzie Parker, Maddy Abbs, Laura Richards and Flora de la Mortiere (pictures in this order).

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