Final Music Video

Thursday, 6 November 2014

19. Story Plan

I listened to the lyrics of the song to determine their different potential meanings. I discovered a lot of the words linked back to evolution but the I have chosen to follow the dream-like element of the song. In particular reference to the lines 'if you're not really here, then I don't wanna be either. I wanna be next to you'. I am going to tell the story of two opposites using a pair of dancers. The girl will be 'Gold' and the boy will be 'Black' and they will tell their story through their dance. It will be a representation of the theme 'opposites attract' with the dance showing their attraction and how they long to be together but they keep being split. It will show their struggle to stay together while also cross-cutting with another group of dancers, this time a group of four girls. They will be dressed in monochrome colours but have abstract face make-up as they are supposed to have a surreal and dreamlike quality. Their dance is going to be more contemporary with a main focus on their hands and twisting their bodies to look 'whispish' and fluid. Towards the end of the song, the two groups of dancers will merge with the group of four girls travelling to the edge of their original set and then cutting to them appearing on the dancing pair's set, as if they have travelled through. They will then proceed to split the two dancers up, with two girls taking 'Black' to one side and the other two girls taking 'Gold' to the other side, their arms reaching out to each other. The final image will be a split screen of their eyes opening. During the video, there will be a third scene with a boy lip syncing into an old fashioned free-standing microphone. There will be a profile spotting him but this scene and the scene with the four girls will be in black and white. This is to make the scene with the dancing pair that much more alluring and dreamy.

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