Final Music Video

Monday, 24 November 2014

23. Locations

For my section 1, which is the lip sync section, I am going to film up at the Ogstoun Theatre. I have chosen this location because it gives me access to a full lighting rig, while also being a large, black space. There is currently a very big and grey set up but it still looks neutral and will be effective. With this section, I am going to film with my lip syncer in front of a black curtain, so that the colours are different to the other section (section 2).

Section 2, the dream dancers, is also in the Ogstoun Theatre, but this will be utilizing the full theatre space. I chose this one fro the lighting opportunities but also because it is a good and reliable space for the dancers to perform.

Section 3 is the Black and Gold dancers and that will be film in the upper level of The Services Center. The walls are plain and simple and I will be hanging black cloth on them and using an alpha pack and simple lighting. I chose this space as it is open and will be spacious enough for the dancers to perform while also being different from the other dance space.

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