Final Music Video

Friday, 13 March 2015

3. Evaluation Task 3- What have you learned from your audience feedback?

From the feedback I have received from my friends and classmates, I have discovered that they really liked the way that the products were linked by the colours and font used, particularly the continued look of black and gold colour which they felt suited the song well considering the song's title! A highlight for a lot of people seemed to the performance of the 'singer' Niya, as he really performed his lip syncing well and was a great presence in the video. While some of the lip syncing wasn't spot on in timing, they still felt that he was perfectly suited to the role and that he could pass for being the real artist. They also thought that the dancers were very skilled and that even though the majority of the video was dance, they didn't find it boring like they would have thought they would. One of the people I asked during the planning stages of this music video about what they did and didn't like in a music video said that they didn't like it when it was just dance all the way through, however at the end, she was one of the people who was very impressed by the dancing and felt that the story expressed in the dance was enough to give it more meaning. Overall, I think my video and ancillary tasks were well received and people enjoyed them.

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