Final Music Video

Monday, 22 September 2014

7. Things to Consider- Lighting

As a member of the tech crew at the theatre, I have access to the stage space and lighting rigs. This is what I plan to use for my video. I want mood lighting, warm colours instead of 'natural light' or cold colourss. I will use Fresnels with perhaps yellow gels to cast a general light but they will be on a relatively low level. That will be used as general lighting, however for other shots, I may use a profile with a gobo to create interesting images. LEDs will be useful as well as they can be set to any colour. Light flashes will be in time with the beat of the music, illuminating the dancers briefly. The lighting is something I can play around with but I want it to create an intimate atmosphere. At some point, I think it could be good to have a back-light, again in a warm colour, perhaps a floor-flood and depending on the light produced,maybe  yellow gel again. I also have access to parcans should that be something I prefer to the others.

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