Final Music Video

Monday, 22 September 2014

6.My Chosen Track

I have decided to do Black and Gold by Sam Sparro.

The music video version of the song is shorter, it has a shorter intro and outro, however I am going to use the above version which is on the CDs to allow myself to incorporate more dance and a bit of a story to the video.

This song is in the dance-pop genre and therefore it is very important to have dance invloved in the video. Dance-pop tends to be pop music with a heavy beat for dancing to in clubs etc. It is usually upbeat and 'groovy' and contains the following identifying traits:

  • Uptempo, upbeat music intended for clubs, with a danceable or dance-centered nature.
  • Catchy songs with an easy, pop-based structure
  • A strong emphasis on beats and grooves
  • Prominent hooks
  • Simple lyrics
  • Polished productions

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