Final Music Video

Friday, 23 January 2015

4. Ancillary Task 4- Star Image

In my media video, my dancers and singer look quite debonair and classy. I would like this to continue through the rest of my coursework in order to maintain my star's image. The hat will be my singer's distinguishable feature, like Arianna Grande's signature ponytail...

Singers like Ellie Goulding  with her Lights album, link their album cover artwork with the music video for the album's lead song.
As with the previous example, my video focusses a lot on light and darkness. Because of this, i think that it would be good to continue with this theme and have an image with darkness and light throwing interesting shadows and making it look almost 'shady'.

Star Image links the songs and their music videos to the artist, and therefore it makes sense to link things directly, like using the same font as used in the music video.

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